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Things have already shifted in a seismic way, and there’s no better example to show how important customer experience is than what’s taking place at, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime.  A lawsuit was  filed by Cailformia residents for unfair business practices when the company discontinued its Whole Foods perk offering free grocery deliveries on purchases greater than $35. On top of that, they applied a $9.95 surcharge for that same service…and even more than that under different terms!

Although the perk was instituted before the pandemic, many Prime customers opted to take advantage of it in droves once it became clear that navigating the uncharted COVID-19 territory was a game of chess against the rest of the world that was implementing variable ways of adapt their services. Why not make one easy move to try to win the game? The ultimate result was a mass customer discontinuation of the service altogether.