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Microcap Conference 2017 Toronto

Oh Canada!

The British North America Act went into effect on July 1st, creating the Dominion of Canada. 150 years of freedom, of leadership in democracy and capitalism. And we at GeoInvesting want to celebrate our northern neighbors for Canada Day by sharing our microcap mastery

To celebrate another year of GeoInvesting’s Co-founder Maj Soueidan’s contribution to a panel of microcap experts at the MicroCap Conference in Toronto, Canada,  we’d like to extend an offer to you.

Until Midnight (Toronto Time) on July 1st, the 150th Anniversary, we at Geo are offering a special 90 day offer our subscription service: $150 for the 150th. Just use Promo code TORONTO2017.

If you were to think about it, you would have to conclude that is a really good deal as you can probably make multiples of your investment in Geo’s service during that time period 

from the insight on microcaps that we at GeoInvesting will provide.

Now this is a limited time offer, so don’t get analysis paralysis and overthink it. Gretzky was not the biggest nor the fastest but he had vision of the ice and when he committed to action it was instantaneous and amazing, and he still. Be like the Great One and go to where the puck is going to go, join Geo and score!

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~ Matt M.

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