GEO Investing

I am a relatively new member. I am really enjoying the service. Even more importantly, I am learning a lot. I like the GeoInvesting approach, where you guys just demonstrate your trades, rather than providing buy/sell recommendations. This is great […]

Hi Maj, Been a GeoInvesting member since Summer 2018. You opened my eyes to the inefficiencies and opportunities in the microcap market. Looking forward to learning more from you and the GeoInvesting team.

7 Reasons to Love @GeoInvesting: * Maj Soueidan is a kind and generous mentor * Experienced and proven tea * Brings you quality microcap ideas * Helps you avoid deceptive companies * Quick and concise research * Deep due diligence […]

Thank you for your e-mails. I am glad that I was able to join GeoInvesting. Microcaps are one of the very few niches where a retail investor can do well, and your service looks sincere and solid. I learnt to […]

Hi, I have already taken some action and purchased some shares in some of the stocks you cover. So far with the information from the GEOinvesting portal I have been able to monitor and understand those shares and navigate the […]

GeoInvesting is the most valuable microcap research service available today. Their breadth of coverage, when considering depth of analysis, is the most expansive we have yet to encounter. Their coverage focuses on actionable ideas. Their analysis includes considerations of timing […]

I personally really, really believe that you have the best personal approach to speculation…best odds by far …than anyone else I’ve seen in my 40 yrs at this….no kidding Maj… the fact that it is the closest to my own […]

GEOINVESTING has a fantastic team that does amazing due diligence to find potentially explosive opportunities in the microcap space. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Maj the CEO and co-founder of GEO. He is one of the most humble […]