GEO Investing

Previously, GeoInvesting disclosed it was short EncounterCare Solutions (ECSL), as it had completed preliminary due diligence on the company and found that it could potentially be a pump and dump. Preliminary due diligence included researching the track record of the company’s officers and founders, as well as calling the company for descriptions of its methanol based Eco-Flex fuel.

From there, a follow-up was conducted in reaching out to the state of Florida to try and determine the realistic chances of ECSL getting its fuels to the pump to generate revenue. GeoInvesting was unimpressed by its interactions with the company as well as with the company’s potential, and a short position was established. Since then, it has taken some time for the price to drift lower, but it appears to be at the beginning of a break downward.

Christopher Doherty of ECSL Proposed to Sell 570,000 Shares

On January 13, 2015, VP of Business Development for ECSL, Christopher Doherty, filed a Form 144 where he proposed to sell 570,000 shares. A glance at January’s chart will clearly show the stock’s decline from over $2 the mid $1 region at this time.

GeoInvesting believes the company will continue to trend downward and is looking to potentially increase its short position, especially if the stock moves upward.

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