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SanaCurrents applies data points to assess how likely a company will be able to advance a drug or device, helping us to determine our decision to potentially buy the stock, which we disclose to members.

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SanaCurrents Leaves Your BioTech Guesswork Behind

  • 3 hand selected biotech ideas per month with positive outcome Probability Sentiments
  • Brief 1 to 2 page abstract outlining each pitch
  • The “Edge” that we believe will catalyze the performance of the stock
  • Updates leading up to important company dates and events on our radar

What were some of the key approaches that led to SanaCurrents’ successful case studies?

  • Identifying the timing of binary events to determine when a stock will move.
  • Evaluating the track record of success in early trials of drug candidates.
  • Finding the management that is interested in advancing the a drug to approval – which often leads to a significant increase in stock value – instead of management that has been capitalized to fund exploratory research.
  • Determining the support of key opinion leaders for a specific drug or device.
  • Looking at past FDA actions.