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Our research updates, often shorter in length, are conveyed through initial and ongoing coverage of our catalog of stocks. With thousands of original research pieces and updates under our belt, we have an archival system of keeping the history of our coverage intact and easy to find. For examples of how you will receive this research please see a few case studies showing the chronology of a few notable stocks.

Below you can find the most recent stocks that we have issued original research on, or updates to original research.

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Latest Stock Coverage

Phonex Holdings Inc (PXHI)

PhoneX Holdings, Inc. (OTC:PXHI) ($0.50; $27.9M market cap, an online platform for the wholesale exchange of used smartphones, announced a stock repurchase program, authorizing the company to repurchase up to $1 million of stock. Other recent events: The Company recently repurchased 178,269 shares of its common stock from an unaffiliated investor for a purchase price of $89,134.50 or $0.50...

KonaTel Inc (KTEL)

GeoTeam · KonaTel, Inc. (KTEL) Price Weakness | GeoInvesting PodClips...

Tecogen Inc. (TGEN)

PodClip -- -- Hi, this is Jan, Maj’s analyst. We wanted to do a quick note about Tecogen (TGEN). This is a clean energy company which provides cogeneration products which are focused on heat and power systems. We like TGEN and are currently long. Back in December 20, we noted that the company might be coming out of a low growth cycle, which was significantly impacted by COVID-19. We...

Energy Focus, Inc. (EFOI)

PodClip -- Maj talks about how the market might be perceiving EFOI's ability to accomplish its goals, especially in light of the recent offering Maj touched upon in his last PodClip on EFOI . However, management confidence tells a different story....

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