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Our research updates, often shorter in length, are conveyed through initial and ongoing coverage of our catalog of stocks. With thousands of original research pieces and updates under our belt, we have an archival system of keeping the history of our coverage intact and easy to find. For examples of how you will receive this research please see a few case studies showing the chronology of a few notable stocks.

Below you can find the most recent stocks that we have issued original research on, or updates to original research.

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Latest Stock Coverage

Biosyent Inc. (RX.V)

Biosyent Inc (OOTC:BIOYF) (RX.V) ($9.00; $104.3M market cap) announced Q1 2024 results last week. (figures are in CAD) Sales of $7.7 million vs $6.5 million in the prior year EPS of $0.15 vs $0.10 in the prior year; nearly doubling analyst estimates of $0.08 “Our Canadian pharmaceutical business got off to a fast start in Q1 2024 with 18% revenue growth over the comparative period,...

KonaTel Inc (KTEL)

Konatel Inc (NASDAQ:KTEL) ($0.70; $30.5M market cap) - Last week KTEL reported strong Q1 2024 results which we highlighted here. While reviewing the filings over the weekend, we found something in the company’s 10-K filed April 1, 2024 that we wanted to point out: “Mr. Beaty has been appointed the interim President of Sales and Marketing Apeiron Systems for the oversight and growth...

Origin Agritech Limited (SEED)

Origin Agritech Limited (NASDAQ:SEED) (Agricultural Technology) ($5.70; $35.9 M market cap) announced first half 2024 results: Origin Agritech reported net revenues of RMB 92 million (US$13 million) for the first half of FY2024, marking a substantial increase of 39.1% compared to RMB 66.1 million in the first half of FY2023. This growth reflects the strong demand for the Company's innovative cr...

Tss Inc (TSSI)

Tss Inc (OOTC:TSSI) ($1.40, $32.5M market cap), announced Q1 2024 results: Sales of $15.9 million vs $6.6 million in the prior year Reseller revenue of $11.6 million vs $1.7 million in the prior year EPS of $0.00 vs a loss of $0.04 in the prior year “TSS is prepared to benefit from the growth in data center infrastructure spending that we are witnessing. New service offerings have...

Origin Agritech Limited (SEED)

Late Yesterday, I recorded a PodClip on $SEED to potentially publish on GEO. After sleeping on it and considering all the real risks associated with the stock, I decided to publish the clip and add SEED back to our Model Portfolio on a VERY speculative basis. As much as we are disappointed in management and the way events transpired over the past few years, we can’t deny one fact: The awardi...

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