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With today’s offer, which expires on 5/3/2017, you can take advantage of a 65% discount off our Annual Plan.  Please see details below.

As part of our ongoing presence within the microcap space, we are often asked to speak at and attend many of the microcap conferences that are held on an annual basis across the United States. Over the last two years, I and two of my analysts, Siegfried Eggert, and Chris Irons have spoken multiple times at various conferences. In addition to speaking, we often simply attend conferences as well.

Why do we attend these conferences?

There are a couple good reasons. First, microcap investors are generally a small group, so meeting up with other investors is a great way to share ideas and cultivate our knowledge about the space. Second, conferences are a great way to meet face-to-face with management teams. While there are many microcap companies that don’t meet our standards, generally performing poorly from a financial perspective, we do occasionally wind up meeting companies in which invested in in the past or are looking at for future prospective investments. Our members know that meeting with management, whether by phone or in person, is a key step in our due diligence process and part of what makes us unique.

This year looks to be another busy one for GeoInvesting. Both Maj Soueidan and Chris Irons will be speaking tomorrow through Friday at the Planet Microcap Showcase at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas. The Geo Team also has additional conferences tentatively scheduled for the remainder of the year. For more information on this upcoming conference, from the companies attending to a full list of guest speakers, please go here.

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