GEO Investing

Our Multi-Bagger Model Portfolio is for investors willing to hold through volatility caused by market gyrations or operational hiccups.  Legendary fund manager Peter Lynch routinely referenced the concept of multi-baggers in his book One Up On Wall Street where he outlined how to consistently identify quality companies with potential tremendous returns.

With the right management teams and share structures in place, stocks can increase by several multiples over the course of a 3 to 5+ year period.

> 2-Bagger: 100% gain

> 3-Bagger: 200%

> 4-Bagger: 300%

> 5-Bagger: 400%

… and so on and so forth.

Our list of multi-bagger candidates continues to grow over time..

The amount of stocks you ultimately decide to own, should you choose to mimic this portfolio, will depend on your view of concentration vs. diversification. As with all of our research, we lay out the risks and opportunities to help you decide which stock may be for you and the type of position weights you might want employ.