GEO Investing

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To be the premier purveyor of due diligence and education on how to safely and effectively invest in the stock market.

Our Vision

To provide all levels of investors with the tools to consider educated decisions in the microcap stock world while minimizing risk. Our goal is to showcase our simple strategies, discipline, patience and emotional intelligence.

Our Core Values

Wall Street’s 6 pillars are intended to portray a level of trust and dignity. Yet, time after time, this institution lets Main Street down. By contrast, we have constantly fought for the common investor with our own 6 pillars of trust, represented by the following core values.


Our high level of transparency plays a big role in why investors trust us. We bring ideas to members very early in our research process, often times before we establish positions in names. We “eat our own cooking” and are faced with the responsibility for the decisions we make as an organization and as individuals.

Consistent Quality

We understand what information helps investors make decisions. Finding great value among the “junk” is like going on a treasure hunt. We interview management teams, review filings, and read press releases daily. We also perform on the ground due diligence to strengthen the quality our research.


People are at the center of everything we do. We build and nurture positive relationships with our members and our investor network that are mutually beneficial and based on trust, respect, openness and integrity. We have a diverse set of personalities that make up our in-house team, which gives us many avenues to connect with investors and helps us vet ideas from different perspectives.


We believe our track record over the last 11 years – including helping expose over $15 billion in U.S. listed China based fraud and identifying more than 50 microcap stocks that have been bought out at premiums, or have returned multiples on their investment – speaks for itself.


Your growth as an investor is important to us and an indication that our content has achieved its intended goals. We combine our experience with what we’ve learned from investing greats like Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Chuck Akre and Sir John Templeton. We also highlight our failures as learning experiences so we can avoid repeating the same mistakes and so that our members can hopefully learn from them.


We strip emotion from our research process so our decisions are based on fundamentals, facts and the underlying thesis of an investment idea.