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We Love SaaS Companies

OK, maybe love is the wrong word. Desire. Want. These might better describe our feelings at GeoInvesting in regards to Service as a Software (SaaS) stock investments. Why? There are three main reasons.

Predictability Of Revenue

The first is that we like predictability of revenue.  It makes it easier for a corporation to plan for the future when they know they have a baseline income from their current customers.  This revenue is very sticky and well insulated from the ups and downs of decision cycles.  If you think about it, this is pretty logical.

The Market Loves SaaS Companies

The second reason we love SaaS is a corollary: the market loves SaaS Companies.  The typical SaaS company trades at a premium to their peers.  Because Wall Street likes predictable revenues even more than the companies do. That is one of the reasons you see companies trying to adopt more subscription based revenue models, between the consistent cash flow and the ease of scalability.  Companies that make this move often see a pop in their price simply for this reason. We are pretty good at identifying companies making the structural changes to experience this pop a quarter or two before our peers. And the third reason we love SaaS?  We’ll tell you that in a minute.  But before we do, let’s talk about us if that’s okay with you.

Specializing in MicroCap Stocks For 10 Years

GeoInvesting Logo microcap stocks and researchWe’ve been here for a decade.  For a boutique research firm specializing in microcap stocks, that’s pretty impressive. We have built a reputation based upon our research capabilities, whether it is identifying potential fraud situations or targets for acquisition.  And we have a great track record with SaaS.  Some recent examples include:
  1. Xact Target (old symbol ET) – brought to our members at $22, acquired at $33.75
  2. Responsys (old symbol MKTG) – brought to our members at $8.00, acquired at $27.00
  3. Vocus Inc. (old symbol VOCS) – brought to our members at $7.76, acquired at $18.00
These are a handful out of the scores of SaaS companies we have pointed out in the past decade, and we have several more that we are getting ready to make calls on for our members. As these wins prove, we are pretty good at SaaS.  Want to know our current plays?  Become a Geo Member by clicking HERE If you want to read what our members have to say about us, click HERE NOW to read some of their testimonials. But our Members appreciate us and love our research, because of that third reason we love SaaS Companies:

We’re Good At Finding Undervalued SaaS Companies

We are good at finding them.  Seriously.  We have a great track record of finding undervalued SaaS (or SaaS like) companies and getting in before others recognize their value, so our members can capture that upside before the stock price moves.  Now we all know that past performance is no guarantee of future success, but if you have a process driven consistent excellence the odds are in your favor of repeating. Other research firms might tout their 300+% return in a week on a particular stock, and that’s awesome for them. We at Geo have successes like that sometimes, a couple times a year.  And we have to admit, it’s great when they happen because we apply our research to our own investing. But like a SaaS company we focus on consistency, on every week uncovering at least one company with good fundamental reasons to have a big positive move.  That’s why our members pay us, because we make them money week after week. So here’s what we would like from you: to give us a try.  Either try our current limited basic membership for free, or if you believe in our capabilities based on our track record try our guaranteed 90-day intro offer for $200. Yes, we used the word guaranteed.  We at GeoInvesting guarantee that in the 90 day period you will earn at least your trial fee if you follow our Calls to Action. (INSERT LINK TO PREVIOUS PUBLIC CTA). If not we will give you back our fee, because we didn’t earn it.  Who else is willing to back up their research like this? Think about it for a moment: we have a longer, better track record than other microcap research firms, and are willing to back up our research with money and our reputation.  Because we have backed up our claims through bull and bear markets, through both Republican and Democratic Administrations in Washington, and all the investing fads that come and go.  And like SaaS, we consistently make you money.  Isn’t that what you really want? Sincerely, Maj Soueidan Co-Founder GeoInvesting, LLC

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