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Gridsum Holding Inc. (NMS:GSUM) executives sat down with Executive Casts at the company’s headquarters in Beijing, China to discuss various aspects of the company. GSUM provides data analysis software for multinational and domestic enterprises, and government agencies in China.  The subject matter touched upon in the video clips highlighted below are intended to give investors a complete picture of the roles and perspectives of Guosheng Qi, Chief Executive Officer, John Jiyang Liu, Chief Technology Officer and Ravi Sarathy, Co-Chief Financial Officer.  The clips of Mr. Liu and Mr. Sarathay can be found here and here, respectively.  Below, please enjoy our interview with Mr. Qi as he elucidates on all aspects of his background and company. 

Gridsum Executive Casts Interview With CEO Guosheng Qi

Guosheng Qi
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer 

Guosheng Qi is one of our co-founders and has served as our chief executive officer and chairman of our Board of Directors since our inception. Mr. Qi founded Beijing Gridsum in 2005 when he was a student at Tsinghua University. Mr. Qi holds a bachelor’s degree in computer software from Tsinghua University.