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Welcome to the 11th installment in Seeking Alpha’s Positioning for 2015 series. As we wind the series down, you can look forward to commentary from Jeff Miller and Russ Koesterich.

Today, we are turning to the small-cap market and are thrilled to share the thoughts of Maj Soueidan of The GeoTeam. In 1990, Maj Soueidan began his independent research and development of investment strategies utilizing his own personal portfolio as a pilot account to test trading models and strategies in a real time trading environment. He serves as the Portfolio Manager of Markets Edge, Ltd., an affiliated private investment company, and is a Principal of a number of other ventures, including businesses focused on real estate and retail.

Mr. Soueidan is also President and Co-Founder of GeoInvesting, founded in 2007. GeoInvesting is a portal that disseminates information and investment ideas (long and short), primarily on U.S. listed Chinese companies and U.S. micro-cap companies. At GeoInvesting, Maj co-leads a staff with partner Dan David that performs research, generates investigative reports and performs extensive on the ground due diligence on public companies.

GeoInvesting, under The GeoTeam name, has been a Seeking Alpha contributor for nearly six years, and has published over 260 articles and Instablogs on Seeking Alpha. The team has over 26,000 followers.

Recently, SA’s George Moriarty conducted an email interview with Maj, focused on the sector. Enjoy!

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