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The real question should be what DON’T we do?  As a group of experienced investors and researchers, we know exactly how to approach each and every situation.  Plainly, we are just good at it.  We provide a well rounded diligence services including: 

  • Determination of tangible business operations through site visits.
  • Assessment of land ownership.
  • Confirmation of company licenses to operate.
  • Complete log of relevant pictures.
  • Video surveillance of company operations.
  • Verification of work force claims.
  • Verification of production line claims.
  • Verification with customers, dealers, distributors and acquisition targets.
  • Conversations with locals and other credible individuals who have knowledge of a company’s standing in the community.
  • Conversations with local legal authorities.
  • Physical acquisition of SAIC Filings of the company and its subsidiaries.
  • Background checks of company executives and past dealings.
  • Special/Customized Due Diligence Requests

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