Corporate Diligence Solutions

corp investorsWhether you’re an attorney, auditor, lawyer, company or investment professional, GeoInvesting will cater to your needs and create a sound process for corporate diligence.  Our specialty is Portfolio Protection – in fact, every aspect of what we do boils down to various ways that your M&A process or investment portfolio can be safeguarded against red flags.  Your fiduciary responsibility nearly requires vetting purely for your peace of mind that knowing your holdings’ risk factors are acceptable.

To accomplish this we choose to work closely with you so you can be kept abreast of the progress of our due diligence from start to finish, making sure that we cultivate a relationship of trust between our team and yours.

Who Can We Help Specifically?

We actually do not limit ourselves to any specific group?  We have worked at great lengths with:

  • Portfolio Managers
  • High Net Worth Investors
  • Accounting Firms
  • Lawyers
  • Board Members
  • Private & Public M&A
  • Other Due Diligence Firms

There is really no one that we can’t work with since we’ve covered just about every facet of the due diligence process, whether it be on-the-ground or “through the files.”  We can even tailor our services to your specific requirements.

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Case Study: NV5 Global Inc – Finding a growing profitable company led by great management early

We are always on the lookout, not only for good businesses to invest in but perhaps more importantly, businesses with proven management teams. In NV5 Holdings, we have found a management team that has rapidly built the company from a start-up in 2009 to a growing, highly profitable, and formidable firm that provides professional and technical engineering, as well as consulting solutions


Case Study: GTT Communications – Information Arbitrage around management changes and an operational inflection point

Based on the success we have had investing in the software as a service (SaaS) space, we have set out to identify companies with similar traits as SaaS firms. One of the aspects that attract investors to SaaS companies is a business model that lends itself to a recurring revenue stream and a sticky customer base.

gtt chart

Case Study: Evans & Sutherland – A Special Situation Billionaire Peter Kellogg Saw Potential In As Company Liability Issues Dissolved

Our ongoing coverage of Evans Sutherland (OOTC:ESCC) is a great example of the kind of hidden opportunities that many investors overlook. ESCC is an idea we brought to our premium members and has persistently paid off for us. The common strategy we used?