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GeoInvesting prides itself as a leading platform championing for the utilization of the most important tools to aid in equity research.  We’ve stressed time and time again that one of the most vital things that an investor can and should take advantage of is the opportunity to speak with company management about key developments and overall insights into the company’s operations and outlook. We are excited and proud to announce that we are hosting Executive Casts, a service that will enhance the level of transparency in the microcap space.

Traditionally, there has been little opportunity in the market for company executives to convey, on a personal and professional basis, the crux of who they are and what they do – that they are real and tangible, with enormous challenges. Our goal is to help investors connect with management on a level “beyond the stock price.”  Unlike other video products, we ask the questions that really matter to help you identify risks and opportunities so you can make smart investment decisions. And more importantly, hopefully Executive Casts can serve as a learning tool to help you sharpen your management interview skills.

What Are Executive Casts?

Executive Casts consists of series of short videos in which CEOs of small and microcap companies answer vital questions concerning their company, their personal background, growth drivers and business risks, all of which can help you make an informed investment decision. One of the main benefits to investors is that they can quickly pinpoint the video clips that interest them the most instead of listening to longer, drawn out interviews. View featured videos…

For Investors

This product is entirely free to investors. Please note that we do not endorse, nor are the videos intended to endorse, the companies featured in the Executive Casts. Everything that the company says in the video casts is uninfluenced by third party opinion and is solely expressed from the perspective of the executives. We believe executives should stand for themselves, and investors should judge for themselves.

For Your Company

CEOs are also able to augment future press releases with video commentary, so you can expect to have upcoming news releases explained to you by an industry and company insider.

This service is intended to give Smaller Market Cap (“SMAC”) companies trading on U.S. and Canadian exchanges more exposure to the capital markets through the publication and distribution of executive videos that cover various aspects of microcap company operations. GeoInvesting encourages each executive to go into as much detail as possible so that investors can appreciate the full breadth of the company’s story. To learn more about how you can increase awareness and transparency on your company’s initiatives, please contact us by filling out the form below.