We want to give you a chance to capitalize on knowledge

We are offering you a seat to all past present and future live format invitation only interviews that GeoInvesting conducts with the CEOs and other executives of publicly traded microcap companies. Our organic style of interviewing management stands apart from the regular, scripted and often non-insightful interactions you might find elsewhere on the internet. These are in essence fireside chats that dig into the qualifications of management in a breezy format that encourages all attendees to participate.

We are also different in that we do significant homework before the interview to make sure that the company fits in our bucket of potentially investable stocks.

After all, it is a part of our due diligence process that contributes greatly to what we can glean on many fronts. In general, we want to find companies that check these boxes:

  • Strong management
  • Management focused on business, not stock price movement
  • Strong revenue generation
  • At or near profitability
  • High probability turnaround stories if in the midst of one
  • High insider ownership
  • Manageable debt burden
  • Ability to grow without excessive equity raises
  • Shares outstanding not excessive

Our interviews often delve into the above items and more. It’s our strong opinion that you can’t replace written text (ei. Press releases, SEC filings, canned commentary) with the nuances that exist when speaking directly with management.

Since 2015 to date, the companies interviewed by our co-founder, Maj Soueidan in a live format have an average return of 120%.

That is why we’d like to offer you a choice between two deals today, and we think it is a no-brainer!


For a one-time, non-recurring payment of just $149.99, you will get access to all past, present and future virtual interviews that take place at GeoInvesting.

  • Interact With Management

  • Bring Your Own Questions To The Table

  • Potentially Investable Ideas

Acorn Energy Inc (NASDAQ:ACFN) is an example of a Tier One Microcap company that we interviewed on 12/9/2020 when it traded near $0.40. As of 4/29/2021, the stock is up ~55%

OR >>>


For a one-time, non-recurring payment of just $349.99, you will get access to EVERYTHING at GeoInvesting (YES, INCLUDING ALL THE INTERVIEWS). This is normally priced at a recurring fee of $479.99/yr.

  • Calls To Action

  • Model Portfolios

  • Premium Emails & Weekly Wrap Up

  • Education

  • Video Research & Stock Reviews

  • Select Earnings Coverage

  • In-depth Research Generation

  • Attend Virtual Company Interviews

  • Speak One on One with Co-founder Maj Soueidan During Trial ($500 value)