First Published July 7, 2015

The pace of U.S. listed China based companies (ChinaHybrids) receiving going private bids has accelerated over the past several weeks. The June 17, 2015 Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. A (NYSE:QIHU) announcement that the company received a going private offer of $77, a 16.7% premium over the previous day’s closing price, marks the 15th going private deal (announced or closed) in the past four months.  See why here.

Companies That Already Have Non-Binding Go-Private Proposals

GeoInvesting Tracking Even More Chinese Companies for Going Private Potential

On June 15, 2015 we introduced our Fosun International Going private screen to our members.  As we mentioned, China-based company Fosun  has invested in several firms that have received or consummated going private deals.  Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. A (NYSE:QIHU) having received a going private offer at an elevated premium highlights the benefit of this screen, since Fosun has an ownership stake in the company.

We are now expanding our going private screen offering to include names that Fosun has not invested in that may be going private candidates.  The screen is based on the knowledge of and in-house criteria developed by our expert China researchers. You can see both screens here.  We currently are taking small bets in Fosun invested companies and non-Fosun invested companies.

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