Over the years, GeoInvesting (or “GEO”) has developed relationships with companies and professionals that we share ideas, information, and services with.  This has led us create the GeoInvesting Third Party Company Awareness Program (“TPCAP”) that allows these reputable sources to be part of that network.  Our members, users and followers across multiple mediums have access to ideas and content from the third party network members (the “Network”) as part of the TPCAP.

In keeping with our standards for trying to address problems of deception in the market, GEO attempts to work only with individuals and companies that have no history of disseminating promotional campaigns or executing pump and dump schemes.

GeoInvesting Third Party Company Awareness Program Content

The content provided here is information that our partners and Network members are providing for purposes of informing investors and building awareness of company endeavors. While GEO does not vett each individual idea, we attempt to perform due diligence on all of the individuals and companies in our Network to make sure that the information is reliable and not deceptive in nature.

The content provided herein is provided exclusively by third-party members and is not the work of GeoInvesting. It is being presented solely for dissemination and awareness purposes.  GEO may routinely provide updates to this information and objectively inform GeoInvesting members and the general public of these updates, as we see fit.

Below are active members of the GeoInvesting network, with corresponding content that can help prompt further due diligence:

Moseda TechnologiesMoseda Technologies Inc. is a software company developing secure mobile solutions. The company provides mobile applications that enable businesses and consumers to manage and protect personal and corporate mobile devices. Learn more about Moseda Technologies.







GeoInvesting is compensated for its services in hosting ideas and content from our third party network. GeoInvesting does not vett individual ideas from our third party network and all information provided herein is subject to our terms of use.  When compensation is received from third parties, this fact will be disclosed herein.  As a policy, GeoInvesting does not accept shares of third-party companies in lieu of compensation nor will we hold shares of companies during their contractual period with GeoInvesting.