Take-Over Model Portfolio

The takeover portfolio is comprised of select microcap stocks we feel will be eventually acquired by larger firms at well above their current trading price. We find candidates after strategic internal reviews or the discovery of hidden clues in filings and press releases.

Sometimes we bet on a potential takeover of a ‘broken’ company. In other instances, we think a takeover will be the natural byproduct of a strong growth or turnaround story. On some occasions, we even come across publicly available information the market has ignored that is telegraphing to us that an acquisition will occur. Over 40 microcap stocks we have profiled on GeoInvesting have been acquired by larger firms.

Take a look at our case study on Golden Enterprises Inc. (NASDAQ:GLDC), a snack food company that was acquired by Utz Quality Foods in 2016 just six weeks after we brought the idea to GeoInvesting premium members, stating that we thought the company was an ideal acquisition candidate.