GEO Investing

Renewable Energy Trade (NASDAQ:EBOD) shares (previous symbol CTDC) have risen sharply in recent trading sessions. The stock closed at $1.68 on November 27, 2012 and now trades around $4.00 after hitting a high of $4.39 on December 6, 2012. On […]

GeoNuggets® – Quick Check List Highlighting Undiscovered Opportunities Investors who want to buy an undervalued profitable company that benefits from the social media sizzle should consider Perion Network (NASDAQ:PERI), a company that targets niche markets in the social media space. […]

In recent months, things have been pretty bad for Chinese coal company L&L Energy (LLEN). There have been public allegations of fraud, mine shutdowns and falling profits. The only bright spot has been the company’s valuation, which has stayed quite […]

Following the short term trading strategy outlined in an earlier GeoInvesting article, the team initiated several trades this past week sparked by the release of a slew of earnings reports. As always, we may sell any of these positions after […]