Due Diligence

Below are a handful of influential due diligence articles that helped to expose the not so honest companies ideas that have enabled us to become a top publisher of intensive research-driven content.


Symbol Company Highlights Price at time of breaking story Halted De-listed Current Price
PUDA Puda Coal, Inc * The company transferred all of the U.S. shareholders interest to the Chairman and an investment firm in China.

* It appeared that U.S. shareholders only had minimal ownership of Shanxi
Coal cash flows; a far cry from the 90% interest in PUDA’s mining
operations as portrayed in the company’s filings.

* Due Diligence exposed a strikingly complex ownership interest transaction histories w/r/t Shanxi Coal and Shanxi Puda Mining.

* The Company admitted its wrong doing.

* SAIC filings was main source used to prove fraud.

~$10.00 Yes Yes $0.00
YUII Yuhe International, Inc * OTGDD proved that the company was misappropriating funds.

* YUII never acquired 13 farms from Dajiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

* Due Diligence found that the company may have misappropriated $12.1 million, misleading investors about the use of this money for the Dajiang farms acquisition.

* Company quickly admitted to wrong doing.

* The auditor resigned

$5.05 Yes Yes $0.00
CGPI China Redstone Group Inc * Our OTGDD showed that CGPI did not own the land they have claimed to have owned to operate their cemetery business.

* We purchased two cemetery plots from a CGPI sales rep, proving that the company was exaggerating the sale price of its cemetery plots.

* Due Diligence uncovered that the Cemetery Business Service License of Guiyuan Cemetery had been revoked/suspended.

* Guiyuan Cemetery Company was not permitted to continue its cemetery business.

* Company eventually conceded to the facts presented by GeoInvesting.

* CFO resigned on April 22, 2011

$3 No Voluntarily went dark $0.00
SCEI Sino Clean Energy * Our on-the-ground due diligence proved the company was materially exaggerating its manufacturing capacity and customer relationships. $3.65 Yes Yes N/A
ORSX Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc. * Our on-the-ground due diligence proved this company  essentially had no operations. $2.28 Yes Yes $0.02
LTUS Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc * Our on-the-ground due diligence indicated that the price the company paid for one of its parcels of land was significantly higher than what the land was worth.

* Redchip ignored our findings.

* We concluded that the company likely misappropriated company funds through this purchase of land.

* After indicating that on several occasions that it had sufficient capital to conduct operations, the Company is experiencing a liquidity crunch currently with an extremely low level of working capital, and will be unable to continue to spend on auditing and other professional services that are required for a public company.

$2.02 No Voluntarily went dark $0.01
NEWN New Energy Systems Group. * Analysis of SAIC filings indicated several suspicious details/related party transactions regarding acquisitions. $4.16 No No <$0.50
SBAY Subaye Inc * We performed on-the-ground due diligence

* Interviewed receptionist and adjacent businesses.

* Evidence supporting our view that shareholder had no claim to SBAY’s potential revenue.

* We could not locate/verify the more than 1500 employees SBAY claimed to have.

* Auditor Resigned

$7.20 Yes Yes $0.00
LPIH Longwei Petroleum Investment Hold Ltd * Performed on-the-ground due diligence which revealed that LPH operations are virtually non-existent

* Wholesale petroleum business is virtually non-existent

* Inconsistencies in SEC filings

* Non-disclosed $32 million investment in a tourism business made a subsidiary, Shanxi Zhonghe Energy Conversion Co., Ltd.

* Eerie ties to Puda Coal

* We question SAT/SAIC filings disclosed by LPH on June 29, 2012 for the calendar year 2011

$2.30 Yes Yes $0.00
LLEN L&L Energy, Inc. A Series of Reports Showed:

* Through due diligence, GeoInvesting uncovered evidence that appears to indicate that LLEN does not own and never acquired the Ping Yi Mine

* Recordings and Transcripts Provided Conclusive Proof that L & L Int (LLEN) Never Purchased the Ping Yi Mine

* The DaPuAn and SuTsong Mines Shutdown, Calling into Question Historical Production.

~$2.00 Yes Yes $0.01
FABU Fab Universal Corp * FAB issued RMB 100 million ($16.4 million) of bonds to Chinese investors through one of its VIE subsidiaries, Beijing Fab Digital Entertainment Products Co., Ltd. (“FAB Digital”), and failed to disclose this debt in its U.S. filings.

* Concrete evidence of such practice was offered.

$3.50 Yes Yes $0.03