Run To One Model Portfolio

The price of a stock doesn't determine our buy/sell decisions. Rather, it’s the value that the market assigns to the business that matters.
Learn How We Build Portfolios Based on Specific Strategies

Use Our ‘Run to One’ portfolio to supercharge your returns. The portfolio consists of stocks trading well under $1 per share that still meet our quality standards. Microcaps are often associated with pump and dump penny stocks. But stocks trade under $1.00 for various reasons.

Just as the price of a stock does not define its market cap (price of stock multiplied by outstanding shares), the price of a stock (metaphorically, it’s book cover) does not define its quality. For example, Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ:MNST), the best performing stock over the last 15 years, once traded well under $1.00 (yes, even split adjusted).

It is true that most of our actionable alerts and premium model portfolios include stocks that trade over $1. We are confident in our research capabilities to weed out the junk and hone in on the diamonds trading under $1 that we think have room to ‘Run to One’.

Just a couple of these winners can give you out sized returns. Below are a few of our long term wins; others are in the pipeline or working their way up in price….