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Run To One Model Portfolio

Use Our ‘Run to One’ portfolio to supercharge your returns. The portfolio consists of stocks trading well under $1 per share that still meet our quality standards. Microcaps are often associated with pump and dump penny stocks. But stocks trade under $1.00 for various reasons.

Just as the price of a stock does not define its market cap (price of stock multiplied by outstanding shares), the price of a stock (metaphorically, it’s book cover) does not define its quality. For example, Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ:MNST), the best performing stock over the last 15 years, once traded well under $1.00 (yes, even split adjusted).

It is true that most of our actionable alerts and premium model portfolios include stocks that trade over $1. We are confident in our research capabilities to weed out the junk and hone in on the diamonds trading under $1 that we think have room to ‘Run to One’.

Just a couple of these winners can give you out sized returns.