Medical Device Stocks Have Been Good To Us!

New Medical Device Stock in Our Cross Hairs 

I hope you had a great start to your new year. In 2020, we are resolving to aggressively hunt, actively track and potentially buy superior medical device/testing companies with clear economic advantages over their peers. We have already identified one in which we have just initiated a position and intent to add to it. If it follows the overarching pattern of performance of the medical device stocks we have invested in over the years, we frankly think it will make a positive impact on our track record.

The Compelling Case For Medical Device Stocks

We find medical device companies through parameters that we think can increase their stocks' prices in multiples:

  • First class management teams.
  • First class product with little or no competition.
  • Accelerating revenues and where profitability has occurred or is close to occurring. 
  • Strong partnerships with pharmaceutical companies that may want to use the device/test during clinical trials.
  • Plenty of market share to capture. 
  • The solution actually expands the target market.
  • Saves the healthcare system money.

We believe our new finding meets all of the above criteria, which is why we took a position.

Our Medical Device Portolio Track Record

Our decisions to buy these stocks were based off the some of the same criteria above. As you can see, there are different open dates and holding periods. We even still own some of them. This is testament to our disciplines on investing in stocks that we have vetted and believe have outsized chances of performing well in the long term. 

I want to stress that we did not selectively choose to disclose just the stocks that went on to perform well - these stocks do, in fact, encompass our complete coverage of medical device stocks.  

A Few Examples

Repro Med Sys. (KRMD)

KRMD makes and sells a home infusion drug delivery system that does not require electric power to operate. Some of the reasons we liked the company included:

  • Amazing track record of growing revenue quarter over of quarter and year over year. 
  • Huge and consistent stock purchases by an activist persisted, even as the stock moved higher.  
  • New experienced management team and Board of Directors accelerated growth with new business development initiatives.  
  • Mostly self-funded its growth. Successfully navigated issues outlined in an FDA warning letter 
  • We believe that KRMD will eventually be acquired by a pharma company or by a medical products distribution company.

Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI)

ZYXI designs, manufactures, and markets medical devices to treat chronic and acute pain. Some of the reasons we invested in the company included:

  • Turned EPS positive  
  • Issued some very positive guidance in a conference call related to a quarterly report press release dated June 2 2017. This guidance was not mentioned in the press release, creating a classic InfoArb event.  
  • Began deleveraging its troubled balance sheet that had caused the company to enter into a forbearance agreement for two years. The company eventually paid off all its debt and improved its cash collections.  


Semler Scientific (SMLR)

SMLR manufactures and markets products that assist healthcare providers to treat patients with chronic diseases. Some of the reasons we invested in the company included:

  • A strong quarterly earnings report results was the initial catalyst 
  • An investor familiar with SMLR urged us to take a hard look at the company  
  • Incredibly strong gross and operating margins allowed the company to reach profitability
  • A superior product in a large addressable market.
  • Cross-selling opportunities with insurance companies due to revenue opportunities their model created.  
Maj Co-founder

So What's In It For You?

As we forge ahead into 2020, to celebrate our tenth medical device stock idea, we are offering you our first special of the year.

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If you've already paid for any special offer in the past, the fee you pay for this offer will be added to the previous fee you've paid and go towards a discounted annual price, our Legacy Rate of $299.99, if you decide to subscribe. And to make it easier for you to decide, that annual fee would also be non-recurring.

We seriously want you to join in our success of our new medical device idea, and all of our other ideas at GeoInvesting. We've built a great community and we'll continue to grow as the microcap space continues to heat up!

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More About Us

Since GeoInvesting’s inception in 2007, GeoInvesting has worked diligently to understand and benefit from working in areas that the Wall Street “crowd” has avoided – namely, high growth microcap stocks. This niche of the market, while mostly ignored by analysts and financial media, is still often quietly invested in by many well-known billionaires. We apply our own proprietary analysis in the space to find pockets of information arbitrage and unnoticed opportunities that have acted as the backbone for our investing success for over a decade. During this time, we've found over 20 stocks for our members that increased by a factor of at least 5x. 

We help investors understand companies better by interviewing management teams, dissecting conference calls, interacting with our wide network of investors and scouring financial documents for hidden clues. We do all that for you, saving you time. 

Maj has nearly 30 years of investing experience and manages the GeoInvesting Team on a daily basis to increase the opportunity pipeline and heighten the Company's awareness in the financial markets to intensify its market influence.

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