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A Sorely Undervalued Stock, But Not For Long   

Our current price point for a GeoInvesting premium subscription clearly undervalues all the work we do for our premium subs, especially when other inferior competitors sell annual subscription for $2000 to $5000, or at least 4 times over our annual plan.

What You’ll get…

Our deep dive research on the company, including all notes and articles.

Also get 2 video interviews with the CEO, 1 of which clearly defines the first 2 pieces of information arbitrage

Details on all the Information Arbitrage that has helped to build our bullish stance on the company

Timely stock pick alerts and research on our entire catalog of microcap stock coverage, spanning nearly 14 years, along with all NEW investment and research ideas.

This Idea’s Microcap Edge

  • The stock ironically is pulling back from its highs even though we have dissected the relevance of the Information Arbitrage, which is currently not reflected in the stock’s price.
  • The company has yet to fully discuss the impact of new growth catalysts on its sales and earnings like we have for GEO subscribers. 
  • Only people who follow the company closely (We and our premium subscribers) know about it.
  • We believe the company will spell it out for investors.  It will be upon the release of Q2, any day after June 30.

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