Helping Investors Connect with Management on A Level “Beyond the Stock Price”

If you are the CEO of a publicly traded company, you almost certainly appreciate that communicating properly with the investor community is critical, despite being challenging at times. Quality Small MArket Cap (“SMAC”) companies can find themselves misunderstood and underappreciated by the market, resulting in a depressed stock price and limited financing opportunities. The SMAC universe is riddled with questionable operators, more so now than ever. This means that it is imperative that quality companies separate themselves from the pack.

Small publicly traded companies are especially challenged with the task of reaching a targeted investor community in a timely and cost efficient manner. Venues like Yahoo, Google Finance and traditional wire services do not reach enough of your potential SMAC investor pool, and often can wind up disseminating inaccurate information on smaller companies due to the automated nature of many services.

Executive Casts make up a platform specifically tailored for senior executives of SMAC companies to communicate with investors. We conduct and record interviews with senior executives via webcam or with an onsite camera crew, asking the most relevant questions pressing the investor community today as it relates to each specific company. We edit the videos, host a company profile on, and employ a dissemination strategy to reach a targeted investor base.

Videos have become a superior online medium when compared to written content.  Their engagement rate is approaching 3 times that of regular text dissemination.  The indexability of videos is also superior to that of text, a reason why the market for video news has ballooned in recent years. GeoInvesting’s reach includes an investment-fluent community that exceeds 500,000 individual and institutional investors. We offer various ways in which you can disseminate your media, knowing that more options result in better engagement.

Executive Casts are not intended to cause short-lived price appreciation. Rather, they are meant to add transparency and bring exposure “beyond the stock price” to quality companies. Executive Casts are a product of investment research boutique GeoInvesting LLC, which specializes in SMAC stocks.  Co-founder Maj Soueidan has been investing in SMACs for nearly 30 years and often speaks at conferences to educate and increase awareness about the advantages of investing in smaller companies.

Why is now a good time for you to join our program?

Since Donald Trump was elected President, investors have shown a voracious appetite for and interest in SCMC’s. This is an environment we have not seen since before the 2008 financial crisis and we expect this trend to continue.

What you get with Executive Casts

With GeoInvesting’s Executive Casts, CEOs and other management executives get the chance to present themselves to hundreds of thousands of investors on an ongoing basis.  The video series can be used to augment news releases and inform investors about important events in a simple, resource-light and efficient way.  GeoInvesting uses various means to distribute the content on social and traditional media.

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Your Premium Package

  • Interview with 8 to 10 questions, less than 5 minutes per question (between 2-3 minutes is ideal for video).
  • Follow up interviews per company request.
  • Each answer will have its own video that we edit professionally. Multiple videos will get more overall views, and we can perform an extended campaign optimized for the web
  • The interviews will be conducted via your own Webcam, at your own convenience.
  • The video segments videos will be available for free on our website, on a page purely dedicated to spotlight your company in a clean and professional format.
  • We share the interviews with our distribution network, which will includes major social and traditional media venues – Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Reuters, FactSet, Seeking Alpha, Twitter, Facebook, and others, where we reach collectively north of 300,000 individual and institutional investors

Biannual and Monthly plans available. Get started today by contacting us below.

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