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Dan David GeoInvestingDan David is VP and Co-Founder of GeoInvesting, widely regarded as leaders in both the China due diligence and in the U.S. micro-cap
equity spaces. GeoInvesting has been the main contributor of on the ground due diligence for several mainstream short seller campaigns extensively covered by the media in the last seven years.  See Dan’s full profile…

Here, you can read Dan’s commentary and diligence related posts, as well as news coverage highlighting him in various major publications across the web.

I presented at Sohn Hong Kong on Dali Foods (3799.HK), explaining why FG Alpha was short the company's stock.  The original presentation can be seen here, but to summarize: Based on CTR reports from 2012-2014, Dali’s advertisement spending is ranked higher than Want Want’s, conflicting with Dali’s and Want Want’s annual reported numbers. From 2014-2016, [...]
Author: GeoTeam
Posted: June 8, 2017
Contributed by FG Alpha Management About Dali Foods Group (3799:HK) (3799:Hong Kong) Dan David, co-founder of GeoInvesting and founder and CIO of FG Alpha Management, spoke at Sohn Hong Kong where he presented a short thesis on Dali Foods (3799.HK). The presentation covered arguments on: advertising expenses cash advances CAPEX spending unbelievably low operating expenses [...]
Author: GeoTeam
Posted: June 8, 2017
About Fullshare Holdings Ltd (607:Hong Kong) Contributed by FG Alpha Management Summary Newly acquired British Virgin Island (“BVI”) regulatory documents contradict statements made in Fullshare Holdings Ltd (607:Hong Kong) 2016 annual report In light of this new evidence, we question whether Fullshare received any cash consideration from the sale of assets to a BVI entity called [...]
Author: GeoTeam
Posted: May 31, 2017
About Ominto (NASDAQ:OMNT) Contributed by FG Alpha Management for GeoInvesting, LLC This article is currently being held for further review. Summary Ominto, Inc. (OMNT) has entered into two highly questionable transactions including acquiring a Danish entity with revenue under $1M and an excessive valuation of 30X revenue One of the largest shareholders of the [...]
Author: GeoTeam
Posted: May 30, 2017
About Fullshare Holdings Ltd. (607.HK) Contributed by FG Alpha Management for GeoInvesting, LLC Summary We were concluding months of on-the-ground research into Fullshare Holdings (607.HK) while Glaucus Research Group (“Glaucus”) issued its own scathing report calling the company a “stock manipulation scheme” The Glaucus Research Group report focused heavily on numerous related party transactions Fullshare has [...]
Author: GeoTeam
Posted: May 4, 2017

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