GeoInvesting's Dan David: Three Short Ideas "IN THE HOPPER"

Short Activism Taking Center Stage on CNBC's Closing Bell

GeoInvesting is entering a new phase of investigatory research. Our pipeline of ideas is overflowing, and the most logical step is to convey the message that we are widening our net to include not just China-based U.S. Listed companies, but those entities listed on foreign exchanges where it could be argued that regulation is by far less effective, giving companies the opportunity to defraud investors of 100's of millions of dollars.

My team is currently working several ideas that we feel have meaningful downside. Our foreign-listed stock research on Tech Pro Technology (03823.HK) proved to be an inflection point for us, galvanizing our view that strong research almost always leads to expected outcomes.

See Tech Pro Report


Protect Your Portfolio

Dan's appearance on CNBC is a chance for GeoInvesting to stress the importance of the work that we do to increase transparency in the markets. Companies must uphold their fiduciary responsibilty to protect their shareholders, and we are here to make sure that happens.


Those familiar with our work know that we have spared no effort to perform rigorous diligence on many fronts. Every channel check adds credence to our theses that we build over the course of our investigations: 

  • Determination of tangible business operations through site visits. 
  • Assessment of land ownership. 
  • Confirmation of company licenses to operate. 
  • Complete log of relevant pictures. 
  • Video surveillance of company operations. 
  • Verification of work force claims. 
  • Verification of production line claims. 
  • Verification with customers, dealers, distributors and acquisition targets. 
  • Conversations with locals and other credible individuals who have knowledge of a company’s standing in the community. 
  •  Conversations with local legal authorities. 
  •  Physical acquisition of SAIC Filings of the company and its subsidiaries. 
  •  Background checks of company executives and past dealings.

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