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Chris Irons brings a tone of balance and skepticism to GeoInvesting, along with a critical eye for content that the market and sell side analysts sometimes “conveniently” miss. His investigative style means he pushes hard for facts backed by evidence and generally isn’t satisfied with the “company line”.

Chris Irons joined GeoInvesting in 2014 as the firm’s Senior Business Writer and Equity Analyst. At Geo, his responsibility is generating ideas, building out theses to find actionable content; all while upholding a commitment to ethical standards and evidence-based investment ideas. Prior to GeoInvesting, Mr. Irons had authored nearly 1,000 independent analyst reports, scholarly documents, articles, and critical commentaries on businesses and publicly traded companies.

Chris Irons Equity and Business Analysis

His equity and business analysis has been featured in the Financial Times, Yahoo Finance, Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, USA Today, the NY Post, and other major news outlets. Previously, Mr. Irons worked as the sole investor relations contact for a public company with a market cap ranging from $12 million to $150 million with over 6,000 shareholders, and assisted in the closing of over $20 million in equity capital, preferred stock, and secured debt financing from high net worth individuals, including several billionaires, as well as institutions.

Chris has a B.A. in English & Technical Writing from West Chester University, a M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Neumann University, and a Master Certification in Hospitality Management from Cornell University. He has also completed Wharton School of Business’ Aresty School of Executive Management courses in Finance and Accounting.

I make a case for gold at Kase Learning's "The Art of Short Selling" event, touching on how the government largely controls the direction of the market, how economists got it wrong, and why you should keep an open mind to those with divergent points of view.
Author: Chris Irons
Posted: May 4, 2018 (NASDAQ:AMZN) may not only be gearing up to accept cryptocurriences as a means of payment, but I also believe that the company could be on its way to creating one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges in a move that would, I believe, be extremely synergistic for Amazon and would likely help them generate [...]
Author: Chris Irons
Posted: January 22, 2018
By Christopher Irons for GeoInvesting I was recently featured on the Planet Microcap Podcast, where I spoke about shorting microcap stocks. We covered topics like introductions to short selling, some of my worst short trades, what I look for in a short and advantages and disadvantages of shorting microcaps.   The Planet MicroCap Podcast is [...]
Author: Chris Irons
Posted: November 9, 2016
Banc of California (BANC) makes the stunning revelation for the very first time to shareholders that it has been conducting a previously undisclosed ongoing internal investigation related to fraudster Jason Galanis that has been underway for “more than a year” BANC calls their internal investigation “independent” on their conference call and, more importantly, in an 8-K exhibit [...]
Author: GeoTeam
Posted: October 21, 2016
By Christopher Irons for GeoInvesting Mallinckrodt's Acthar Gel may turn out to be the most appalling story in all of price gouging and it has gone completely unnoticed by politicians and the main stream media Price of the drug has gone from $40 per vial in 2001 to $28,000, an over 70,000% increase A good [...]
Author: Chris Irons
Posted: September 6, 2016

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