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A category of stocks relating to the research, development and/or distribution of technologically based goods and services. This sector contains businesses revolving around the manufacturing of electronics, creation of software, computers or products and services relating to information technology.

IoT – The Next Big Thing Just Keeps Getting Bigger

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The Internet of Things, or IoT, is continuing to rapidly emerge as the next big thing with huge potential to positively impact stocks in certain industries.  Some sources cite that “the concept is expected to fuel a staggering $3 trillion market by 2020, just three short years from now.” Big caps like Intel Corporation (NMS:INTC), International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) and QUALCOMM Incorporated (NMS:QCOM) are just a few Blue chip companies pouring billions into the space. On the smaller capitalized side, STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), a global semiconductor enabling smarter driving and smarter factories, cities and homes, along with the next generation of mobile and Internet of Things devices, has powered higher over the last year. We have been on the hunt for other stocks that are on the cusp of seeing their shares rise once the IoT industry is ready to go mainstream.  And we finally found two stocks.

Vuzix: Heavy Stock Promotion, Ongoing SEC Inquiry, Stagnant IP, Overhyped CES Awards and Ugly Financials

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Contributed by FG Alpha Management for GeoInvesting, LLC Summary Vuzix Corporation (Nasdaq:VUZI) is a promoted stock with a history of [...]

B-Scada CEO Ron Deserranno Featured on GeoInvesting Executive Casts

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B-Scada Inc. (OOTC:SCDA) CEO Ron DeSerranno sat down with GeoInvesting in his first Executive Casts series to discuss his personal background [...]

Border Security & Trump’s Wall: How Will You Get Investment Exposure?

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As investors scramble to find border security and infrastructure stocks that will be direct or even collateral benefactors of Donald [...]

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