Anthony Chan has been Borqs Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:BRQS) Chief Financial Officer since 2015.  Executive Casts was able to speak with him about his role at the company.  Among multiple subject matters, Anthony delves into the financial aspects of the company, including pricing models, economics of the MVNO segment, revenue split by country and segment, the Company’s balance sheet, the complexities of blended gross margins, and customer concentration.

It was a pleasure speaking with Anthony, and we hope that you find the videos below to be as informative as we found them to be, especially in learning who Anthony is and his deep understanding of where the company is today and where he thinks it will be tomorrow.

Executive Casts Interview With Borqs CFO Anthony Chan

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Anthony Chan BorqsMr. Anthony Chan

CFO and Executive Vice President

Anthony K. Chan, is our CFO and Executive Vice President, Corporate Finance and has joined our company since April 2015. Mr. Chan has over 30 years of experience in U.S. and China cross border investments and business operations. From July 2013 until March 2015, Mr. Chan served as the President of Asia Sourcing for Portables Unlimited in New York, a distributor of T-Mobile USA. From March 2009 until July 2013, he served as the CFO for Tianjin Tong Guang Digital Broadcasting Co. Ltd, a mobile communications products company. For the 20 years prior to that, he was involved in multiple investment and technology transfer projects between China, the U.S and Europe, in the areas of communication products, chemical fibers, textile machinery and medical equipment. Mr. Chan received both his bachelor’s and MBA degrees from the University of California at Berkeley.  Learn more about Borqs at