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Summary It appears that ESCC is close to resolving issues surrounding its pension obligation liabilities. If pension obligation issues are resolved, significant upside exists for the stock price. The company reported strong 2013 full year results, including EPS of $0.20 […]

American Heritage Intl  (OTCCB:AHII) engages in the electronic cigarette business.  One of our GeoTeam followers provided us with research that may help shape the landscape of many development stage e-cigarette companies whose shares have soared on the expectations that they […]

CTDH sells cyclodextrins (“cyclodextrins” or “CDs”) and related products to the food, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and other industries, primarily for use in diagnostics and specialty drugs with continuing growth in research and new product development.   In our 2/26/2014 email to premium […]

Cannabis Sector Update: Investors may have noticed some weakness in the shares of many marijuana stocks last week, including many penny stocks that have risen sharply in recent trading sessions. In all of our emails, regarding tracking stocks in the […]