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About Maj Soueidan

Maj Soueidan, President & Co-founder Maj Soueidan is a full-time investor of nearly 30 years. He co-founded GeoInvesting to bring institutional quality investment research to the individual investor and help broaden the awareness of the opportunities that exist in the inefficient micro-cap universe. In addition to educating investors on winning equity strategies, Mr. Soueidan has been on a mission to protect investors from fraud and pump and dump schemes. He introduced the “China fraud” to Geoinvesting and through his research process, identified dozens of U.S. listed China stocks he concluded were frauds, so that the Geoinvesting team could perform exhaustive on-the-ground due diligence research on them, including Puda Coal and Yuhe Intl. Maj works with and manages the GeoInvesting Team on a daily basis to increase its investment opportunity pipeline and heighten GeoInvesting’s awareness in the financial markets to intensify its market influence. He stresses the concept of “information arbitrage” in an era where information overload has actually made it more difficult for investors to locate profitable information. An information arbitrage exists when a disconnect between stock prices and available public information on a company is noticeable, and monetarily worth pursuing.

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