Providing investors with the
tools to make informed decisions.
Providing investors with the
tools to make informed decisions.
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Created: 01-Jan-2008

What should you focus on when doing Chinese Stock Research?

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Zon4Ever 01-Jun-2009 01:41 PM
Post Type: Public Public


The GeoTeam(R) is now offering a new service that identifies GeoSpecials(R), or companies that qualify for inclusion in a selective special situation list.

Although some GeoBargains(R) can be part of this list, GeoSpecials(R) don't necessarily need the same set of strong fundamental data since they often play to the more intuitive side of investing.

Some of the most notable criteria needed to label a stock as a GeoSpecial(R) include:

  1. Changes in Dividend Policy
  2. Acquisitions
  3. Corporate Restructuring
  4. Repricing of Risk Premium
  5. Listing Changes
  6. Significant Developments
  7. Groundbreaking News
  8. Fresh Concepts
  9. Private Placements

Here is the full breakdown:

  1. Changes in Dividend Policy
    • Forward Split
    • Reverse Split
    • Special Dividends i.e. CASH over 1.00
    • Increasing Dividend
  2. Acquisitions
    • Making Acquisition
    • Being Acquired
    • Canceling
    • Reverse Mergers (Pay special attention to these)
    • Shells, Holding Companies, Blank Checks
  3. Corporate Restructuring
    • Entering Chapter 11
    • Exiting Chapter 11
    • Spin-offs
    • Liquidations
    • Tender Offers
    • Dutch Auctions
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Canceling Preferred Stocks
    • Stock Buy Backs- Especially when stocks are at New Highs
    • Press Releases – Stating Alternatives to enhance Shareholder Value
    • Canceling Debt
    • Retiring Stock
  4. Re-Pricing of Risk Premium
    • Stock is priced to fail
    • Growth is under target 30%, but PEG ratio is very low
  5. Listing Changes
    • Any move to different exchanges
    • Pay particular note to Company’s being delisted to Pink Sheets
  6. Significant Developments Improved Liquidity Drastic Improvement in Growth Trend
  7. Groundbreaking News
    • Licensing Approvals
    • New Contracts
    • Renewal of Contracts
    • Drug Approvals
    • Announcement of Drugs Moving into Different Phases of Approval<
    • Letter from President to Share holders or Share holder to President
  8. Concept Stocks (very Subjective & Intuitive)
    • Examples- Rollerblading, Taser, Special Toys, Snowboarding
    • HOT Industries
    • Social Networking
  9. Private Placements
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