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Providing investors with the
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 China Biologic Pr (NASDAQ:CBPO)

YesRecent 52-week high
Yes30% Earnings Per Share (EPS) growth rate
Yes10% revenue growth year over year
YesStrong balance sheet
Yes15% minimum return on equity (ROE)
Yes8% minimum pre-tax margins
YesUnder 50 million shares outstanding
YesHigh insider ownership
YesLimited institutional ownership
YesP/E at least 1/2 of EPS growth rate

Recall that CBPO was added to Geo Bargain list on April 27, 2009. ($4.15).

Earlier today we removed CBPO from the GeoBargain list due to an opinionated blog insinuating that members of the management team have been involved in fraudulent activities.  The author of the blog is short the stock, so it’s clearly a biased opinion.

The allegations are not new, but the stock reacted as if they were.  Funny that there were no pot shots at the financials. We still like the company and will keep the stock on the GeoBargain on the Radar List until we receive clarification on this matter.  Until the resolution, investing in CBPO is not worth the risk as we have plenty of non controversial stocks to choose from, especially during this market pull back.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010