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 American Heritage (OTC BB:AHII)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Due Diligence Strengthens Short Thesis on American Heritage

  • Reverse merger filings appear to mask the involvement of Daryl O.Anderson, one of the players in the AHII story.
  • According to a source, it appears that Daryl Anderson changed his name to Cash Anderson.
  • Daryl O. Anderson has been fined by the SEC due to his alleged involvement in past stock fraud schemes.

Please see our full report here.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just like we have stated in other Pump and Dump ("P&D") investigations, we are comfortable with stating that American Heritage International (AHII) shares are worth no more than they would fetch as a shell company, or in this case $0.002.

  • AHII trades at a market cap of around $200 million even though it appears that its e-cigarette assets were valued at only $25,000 at the time of its reverse merger in August 2013.
  • Investors assume that AHII has 99 million shares outstanding, but in actuality the true fully diluted share count is around 250 million. We are betting that investors will react negatively to this reality once they fully digest the company's 2013 10-K (just filed) where this finding is not readily apparent.
  • The CEO is involved with another public company that is receiving "third party" promotional activity.
  • We believe that the competitive and regulatory environment almost ensures that AHII's business plan fails. We believe it to be absurd that AHII is of the opinion that its competitors are undercapitalized. Vapor Corp Common (VPCO) just raised $10 million. Lorillard (LO) subsidiary Blue eCigs controls 40% of the US e-cigarette market.
  • Regulatory risk, right from the company:"On August 23, 2013, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FDA is considering a ban on online sales of electronic cigarettes, although the FDA clarified that any such intention would be part of the agency's rule-making procedures. If the FDA implements such a ban, our financial results would be materially adversely affected, as approximately 50% of our revenue is derived from online sales." Our response to this statement? Fifty percent of what revenue?!

Please see our full report here.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

On March 25, 2014 we informed our Geoinvesting premium members that we were going short Animal Health International, Inc. (NASDAQ:AHII).

On 12/13/2013, we included this note about AHII in our email to premium members.  The stock was trading at $0.55 at the time of or note.

Animal Health International, Inc. (NASDAQ:AHII) engages in the electronic cigarette business.  Reasons we are tracking the company:

  • The company operates in an industry that has attracted several pump and dump scenarios in the past.  
  • Just completed a reverse merger, the reverse merger transaction was a little murky as the post merger company transferred all assets and business operations associated with its paper products business in exchange for assumption of all obligations associated with that business and the cancellation of $112,841 of debt owing to our prior officer and director and non-affiliated investor.
  • The company claims to already have a vast product portfolio, with "seasoned executives with track records of success in developing emerging growth companies and bringing their products to market.
  • The company plans to manufacture its products in China "We believe that we have the skillset and network to establish strong ties as well as forge new relationships with new manufacturers as they come online in Asia and around the world."
  • As with many previous pump and dumps, the reverse merger 8k goes into good detail about their market opportunity, the stock has already pumped significantly since the reverse merger in August 2013.
  • Company is in the process of completing a private placement offering at $0.25 a share with warrants to acquire additional shares at $0.40 incentive for pump

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Pump and Dump Watch
Disclosure: GeoInvesting is providing this information for your edification and in no way has any affiliation with any promoters and/or newsletters disseminating information on AHII, nor is GeoInvesting being paid to post this information. At times, the GeoTeam may trade P&D's on a long or short basis, depending on how we feel the momentum of the stocks will be affected by the efforts of stock promoters and any ensuing dumps.